Trust me when I say that “Lanpro is the only way to go!” I have a long story to tell about 2 service guys at another shop, who tried to tell me that my transmission had to be replaced immediately. They wanted me to pay over $12,000.00 to replace it and fix an air pump. Now, this was a week before Christmas. I am going to try to keep this story short….In shock I called Lanpro. I used to use Lanpro for years, until I purchased a new car and I had to follow their warranty specs. So when I called Lanpro I was surprised that the main crew was still there after all these years! Matt took the time to listen to my profanity laden-ed hyperventilating rant on the phone and then gave me my options. I took my car to Lanpro pronto! They fixed the problem and I walked out with a bill of $1300.00!!! Quite the difference!!! Do not be fooled by the big high end dealerships and their pretentious service!!! Lanpro is a family owned business that treats you with the respect and the dignity that you deserve. Matt and Julian were great, very kind and explained everything to me in details. Being female, that is important to me. The guys at the ‘other’ place never listened to me and always talked to me like I was an idiot, that I didn’t know what I was talking about. I cannot stress enough how important honest customer service is to me and I cannot stress enough that Lanpro is the place to go for it!! One of the reasons I stayed with the ‘other’ guys was for their shuttle service. What a mistake, because I have no doubt in my mind that if I needed a ride Lance and his crew would be more then happy to assist me. Thanks guys for bringing positive closure to my issues and for giving me peace of mind about any future issues with my car!