Although there were many issues that I was not that aware of that were wrong with my truck, Lance took the time to go through every detail of his findings & prioritised them for me. I have NEVER received such excellent service from any automotive service provider as I have from Lanpro. Lanpro was recommended to me by Lenny Peterson who, when he had a vehicle, only brought his car to your service station. Although I live in East Kildonan, directly across town, I will continue to bring my vehicles to Lanpro for servicing because to me it is worth the gas money & drive to receive the type of excellent personalized service I got from both Matt & Lance. For this I would like to thank you for your honesty & candor & not only have your received a new customer for life but you have received an excellent promoter of your service station. I will tell everyone I know & recommend that they tell their people to check Lanpro out for themselves & see. They will come up with the same great experience that I did, it is very odd for me to praise a company that just told me I have over $3000.00 in repairs that need to be done. Usually I would be cussing up a storm, but they way that it was handled & the way I was treated turned the cussing into promoting your service station. So I have to thank you for the experience, I can’t thank you for the estimate, but I know it is nor your fault that those repairs need to be done.