I recently purchased a Dodge Dakota from Lanpro Auto Car. Matt was the salesman I dealt with. I particularly like their “no dicker” policy, It cuts out a lot of gameplay usually associated with car buying. I was extremely happy with my purchase, for a little over a week. Then on Friday evening while on the highway with cruse control set, the engine/ tac went from 1700 to 3000 rpm and back down, continually , while remaining at 100km. I called the shop as soon as they opened Saturday morning and spoke with Matt who said bring it in, which I did. They took it for a short road test, pulled it into the shop and read the code. They let me know the issue, ordered the part and had me back on the road again well before noon. The truck is back to 100%. Thanks guys. While I was there waiting I observed Matt dealing with another customer who had their car in for repairs. Matt was very patient explaining what needed to be repaired and the priority in which the work needed to be done. He demonstrated a genuine concern for their safety, at the same time appreciating the costs involved. It is that level of service that builds custom relationships that you won’t find at many other shops.