I had never been to Lanpro before December 2011. A few years ago we were in need of a garage for our Toyota. Wayne remembered our late neighbor, Jessie always raving about Lance and service at Lanpro. After one visit Wayne was sold & couldn’t say enough about Lanpro and the service – friendly, reliable, knowledgeable and trustworthy. I had never had my own vehicle but the time had come that a second vehicle would make our life easier. Wayne decided on an Impala he had seen at Lanpro & that was my Xmas gift. Matt made it a fun purchasing day. Wayne had such good faith that the car would be in top notch condition that we drove to Bagley, Minn. on Boxing Day to pick up a new pup. Early January Wayne slipped on our stairs & broke his leg in 3 places & is still in hospital. Lance assured me they would take care of the cars & there were no dumb questions, so call anytime. Our Toyota needed work this week & as usual all was taken care of in a friendly professional manner. Julian even talked to Wayne in hospital & explained the problem. We can’t recommend Lanpro enough & the coupons & gift certificates aren’t hard to take either. Thanks Lanpro