I have been with Lance and Lanpro fairly much from the beginning, 20+ years. Lance has seen me through 4 cars. When it came time to purchase a new vehicle, knowing that Lance had started selling used vehicles himself, I decided to ask for his help. I don’t know very much about vehicles, but I have trusted Lance with all my auto care and I knew that I could trust him on this too. I gave him the specifications of a type of vehicle that I wanted – higher off the ground, big enough to cart around 2 big dogs, space to take my Pampered Chef business out to home shows, and reliable enough to take me out to BC twice a year, dogs and baggage in tow. We decided a Caravan would meet my needs. After letting him know what I could afford, the hunt was on. We thought it would be easy to find, but Lance wanted to make sure that it was going to be what I needed and wanted. Though it took a couple weeks longer to find what we had hoped for, find one he did. And it is a great vehicle, I’m very happy with my Caravan, and it was a relief to leave it in Lance’s hands knowing that he would look out for my needs, I hope he’s still around when I need to make my next purchase!