My Wife Michelle and I have now found a Car Dealership / Maintenance Shop that goes above and beyond to deliver Service and Peace of Mind. Lanpro is the “Place” you would bring your Son or Daughter to buy their First Car. Lanpro’s Owner, Lance Reinheimer keeps a Clean, Family Run Business in which each of his Employees also take Personal Ownership for their work ethic. Even the Washroom is cleaner than most Restaurants!! Let’s be Honest, who likes to get up early in the day and wait pensively for the cost of repair to their Vehicle? You would be hard pressed to find this type of Person anywhere!! However Lanpro helps the Process go just that much more smoothly taking the edge off your day~ with Peace of Mind!. When it all boils down to it, Lanpro is doing all they can to keep you and I safe on the horribly beaten Street’s of Winnipeg, and helping to keep our Vacations so they remain as Good Memories!!